Supply & luxury goods industry

Supply & luxury goods industy

Being known as a reputable, reliable, and competent partner to numerous companies from the hotel, catering and tourism industry, more and more companies from other service sectors are partnering with Konen & Lorenzen already. With our global network, we are able to entertain and assist related industries just as successfully.


We have been successfully operating in the supply and logistics industry for over 10 years.

Supply industry

Konen & Lorenzen also assists suppliers related to the Hospitality industry to find the right talent. This includes food & beverage, non-food and capital goods industries as well as purchasing associations for the hotel and catering industry. Moreover, we support start-up companies with the search of management and executive roles and thus contribute to a successful market entry. We are also constantly expanding our expertise by cooperating with travel technology companies.


We have over 120,000 applicants who have made service their passion.

Luxury goods industry

The definition of „luxury“ is evolving beyond fashion and jewellery to premium household products, electronics and other lifestyle goods. And more than ever, the customer journey plays a vitally important role in building brand value. When it come to service delivery, we know what it takes to exceed customer expectations. And so do our candidates.

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We support you in searching for and selecting experienced executives.


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