Tourism & Leisure

Tourism, Entertainment, Spa & Fitness

Since the foundation of Konen & Lorenzen, our focus is within the tourism and leisure segment and we have continuously expanded our network of clients and applicants over the years.


We are co-operating with over 500 tourism companies for more than 20 years and beyond.

Tourism & Entertainment

Konen & Lorenzen collaborates in the tourism & entertainment sector with international tour operators, agencies, shipping companies and amusement parks for many years. We support our clients in filling key positions across all departments including executive management and sales as well as for operational and administrative assignments.


More than 1,500 executives from the spa & fitness sector trust us as their career partner.

Spa & Fitness

Our international and local Spa & Fitness partners include established fitness clubs and companies, wellness centres and hotels. Konen & Lorenzen provides an extensive network of spa, wellness & recreation, fitness and sport applicants with the required experience and qualification tailored to our clients’ needs.

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We support you in searching for and selecting experienced executives.


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